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Time for another kitchen,
maintenance work or new building?

An old bathroom requiring modernisation? Have you been dreading that renovation work for years but now feel ready for the challenge? Is it high time that your house got a complete makeover? Could your office or shop do with a fresh look? Or would you like to build something new perhaps? Does your roof suddenly leak after a storm?

For every maintenance, renovation, interior finishing and new construction job, Bouwbedrijf Middelkoop is on hand to offer you the best possible assistance, for houses and shops, commercial properties and offices.

Dio Middelkoop boasts years of experience in the construction industry, both on a project basis and in terms of carrying out the work itself. We look at every assignment from a unique perspective: how would we tackle this if it was our house? Custom work is key; every job is unique. Thanks to our team of specialists
– each in their own field – we can carry out (practically) every job, anywhere in the Netherlands, to the full satisfaction of the customer. And if we cannot do the job ourselves – which is a rare occurrence – we will offer you sound advice.
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From garden shed to a complete house

From plumbing to electrical wiring, from tiling to custom-made furniture, and from a garden shed to a new house – we will consider every possible job in and around the home or office.

Bouwbedrijf Middelkoop will provide you with a clear, obligation-free quotation. We will help you with the necessary permits and construction drawings, and will then use our expertise to achieve the desired result. During, and after, the entire process, you can count on excellent service – something we, as home owners, would expect from our supplier.

Finally, it is good to know that we have a Contractors’ All-Risks Insurance Policy, which provides you with extra confidence if you hire us to do a job. Bouwbedrijf Middelkoop is also a member of Bouwend Nederland, the Netherlands Association of Building and Infrastructure Companies.