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We are happy to share our knowledge with you

Bouwbedrijf Middelkoop can provide you with advice on the AquaCell from AquaCombi, as well as fitting this unique water softening installation. Anyone who connects this appliance to their mains network will never want to go back again – an opinion that we, as ‘hands-on experts’, are only too happy to be linked with.
The AquaCell provides very soft water and because the softening process runs mechanically, it requires no electricity, which is unique in the world of sustainability. The use of regeneration salt and rinse water is extremely low.

Good for your wallet and the environment

Although the purchase price is relatively high, this is an investment that is easily recouped on a number of fronts. You need less detergent, cleaning products, shampoo and suchlike, which is good for your wallet and the environment. An added advantage of the AquaCell is that the soft water is a boon for sensitive skin. And it even helps against eczema. If desired, we will show you how this water softening installation works in practice and what the benefits and purchase costs are.
Advisory role

Bouwbedrijf Middelkoop is also happy to provide you with advice and assistance in other areas too. Through our extensive network, we are sure to be able to answer (almost) all your questions.

We are also engaged in the preliminary phases of building projects in an advisory capacity. You tell us what you want and we look into the possibilities and come up with ready-made solutions. All of which means one less thing for you to worry about.